FAQs for Unions

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What is the deadline for the bargaining parties to accept the preferred schedule of the rehabilitation plan?

If the bargaining parties do not adopt the preferred schedule within 180 days of the expiration of the CBA that was in effect on May 28, 2010, the default schedule of the rehabilitation plan will be imposed. One way the parties can agree to the preferred schedule is to use the Preferred Schedule MOU.

When does the preferred schedule to take effect?

The rehabilitation plan states that employer contributions will increase beginning with the first of the month following ratification of the agreement to adopt the preferred schedule. Therefore, the preferred schedule would normally take effect with hours worked in the month following the month in which the agreement is signed.

Can the base contribution rate be decreased?

Reductions in the contribution rates, suspension of contributions, or exclusion of any younger or newly-hired employees are not allowed until the rehabilitation plan is completed.

How do I schedule an educational session about the Plan for my members or bargaining unit?

Please contact either David Rowe or Claudia Cook at the Administration Office to discuss scheduling.